134 London Road, St.Albans, Herts. AL1 1PQ (tel: 01727 860535)


Brewery Tours!


Established in 1996, Verulam Brewery is situated at the back of the Farmer's Boy and is the longest running independent brewery in St Albans. It currently brews its regular beers for the Farmer's Boy but also produces regular monthly specials which can be found in other free trade outlets.

Our brewery tour packages are:


Basic Tour: 45 minute talk and question and answer session in the brewery with Kevin Yelland, our brewer. The tour includes 6 1/3pt samples with a short taste lecture.

Cost - £7.50


Basic Tour with Buffet: As the basic tour except with a buffet meal too!

Cost - £12.50


Sunday Deluxe Tour: As the basic tour and including our famous and tasty Sunday Roast (with roast of your choice, including vegetarian)

Cost - £17.50


Please call 01727 860535 if you'd like to book a tour. We have a minimum requirement of six participants and a maximum of 20 and, of course, participants must be aged 18 or over.